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Services that support the writer.

Outstanding Professionalism Professionalism

With us you will find the professionalism you need.

Professional literary agents

Our literary agents are professionally trained to help you with your manuscript step by step.


Our service packages offer high quality while remaining very competitive.

Professional Team

Our team consists of professionals able to provide translations, web design, copyright legislation.

Offered services

Outstanding Services Services

We are able to provide you with a series of services tailored to your needs.

Manuscript Evaluation

Written evaluation of the manuscript with criticism and detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses of the text.


Proofreading, graded editing of the manuscript. Accurate and thorough check of typos.

Translation service

Entrust us with multilingual translations of your manuscript to be presented to publishers.


It takes a good marketing strategy for the success of your book once it is published. Our campaigns include social media, website, SEO, affiliate program, etc.

Legal support

Legal support for control of editorial contracts and copyright legislation. Our contracts and agreements with publishers are transparent and legally approved.

Events and presentations

We organise book presentations in live events via TV-radio, radio, Web-streaming, Web-radio, with booksellers, with literary groups and literary salons. We continue to give wide visibility to our authors after the book publication.

We work in partnership with all major marketing, advertising, distribution, publishing houses that offer advanced solutions to emerging writers.

For more information, contact the literary agent in your area.

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